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    Batch Cooking!

    My mum used to make a big cauldron of cabbage soup for the week, it stayed on the stove since we didn't have a fridge in them days. Basic ingredients and I think she just boiled it till done, I usually like to brown ingredients a little before adding boiling broth, same way with bigos. about...
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    Way of Swords

    In my Aikido days I did a lot of Bokken partner work and so we could pick up speed and more free style I bought a Kendo Shinai, doesn't hurt as much as hardwood . . .
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    Go Henry - Live, lift, learn and grow - Never quit

    I found a video of the senior centre weight room . . . The leg press is seen at 2:11 over the guys left shoulder. Heaviest is 280lbs which I use for press and toe push for calves. The smith machine isn't in the video, nor Oly plates rack, the dumbbell rack which has more heavy than my...
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    What are you currently reading?

    I'm an adventurer through space and time haha! I don't have the book, Almine also has a youtube page.
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    What are you currently reading?

    I know nothing about the book just came across the cover on Amazon, thought some may find interesting. other books by Almine...
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    Television and Movies

    @Nanna lo I had The Swimmers on my list and watched last evening 9/10. Also much liked - Lift Like a Girl is an intimate journey into the inner life of an aspiring athlete 9/10.
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    Television and Movies

    Loved this film . . . Lady Chatterley's Lover - 10/10 Netflix
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    CBD bath bombs

    My daughter gave me CBD bath bomb, was a very nice bath soak, very relaxing. The scent was frankincense, lavender and orange.
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    Way of Swords

    The style of sword I do daily plus again with my left hand (mirror version)
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    The Tea Haus

    I use a Chinese cast iron 2 cup pot and only a pinch of Puerh, it has a strainer at the top so I can pull it out after a couple of minutes.
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    hard time getting in . . .

    Hard time getting into community, almost impossible.
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    Chocolate milk 🥛🍫

    I bought Natrel (Canadian) Chocolate Milk, has 18g protein and 12g sugar a cup, nothing added just D3.
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    Mary Ann and I buy a dozen eggs almost every week. I did try the vegetarian JU ST egg once. I chopped some tomato and scrambled with two eggs, put in a small fry pan, the when almost set I heat (I used microwave, I have them stored frozen) a small tortilla and place on top, then flip over. Fold...
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    How is everyone?

    @Nanna Io I usually have a simple daily routine no matter what, for me it's my tai chi forms that I do every morning and takes 1/2 an hour. A guy on youtube who does body weight sez he never trains to failure coz if he did he'd be too burnt out for the next day.