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    N7 Training - Post Recovery Log

    Honestly, I was worried for a moment there half an hour ago that I might have stepped on your toes with my post. I had the pleasure of talking to a couple of hardcore vegans on the internet before, and they would have reacted completely differently to my comment about vegan cheese, even though I...
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    N7 Training - Post Recovery Log

    But... but... how do you make cheese without milk? What sorcery is this? :LOL: No, really, I have no idea. I suppose you can't even sell it as cheese here in the EU. Weird stuff. Realyl now, how do you do that? Isn't that like having vegan egg? I'm confused, but fascinated enough to look it...
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    Fail Forward

    Not much done today, only the WotD (Back on Track). Day 13 I walked a lot today, though, and carried stuff around for a good chunk of the time. That must count for something, too. Interestingly, despite my initial misgivings, the job wasn't so bad. The guy had been a PITA when I got my licence...
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    The tra1n1ng journal cont1nues

    Hope you're feeling better soon :vibes:
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    At the break of dawn

    Congrats on your first badge in the new Hive!
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    N7 Training - Post Recovery Log

    Thanks for the recipe and typing all of that out. I'm a bit confused about those cashew thingies in the recipe, though. As far as I understand, those are a type of nuts? Have you used them in your variation of the sauce? I wonder what they're doing in a tomato sauce, never heard of nuts there...
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    Fail Forward

    @Sif_Shepard thanks, I will see tomorrow :LOL: @Anek yep, I have a Dachshund and a Husky, but I'm still lookign for a second hunting dog that's larger than Fitz, who's woefully unsuited for everything bigger than badgers and foxes, even though he has quite the temper and would probably take...
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    N7 Training - Post Recovery Log

    Please share the recipe for the wodka sauce, I'm turbo intrigued by it :shake::LOL:
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    Ten Forward

    And a late congrats on Hard Reset Cardio from me! And have a nice weekend, hope you're doing alright.
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    Calico's Training Log

    You could do slow and controlled punches for the first day, Tai Chi style. No idea what the next exercise would be. Good to read that it looks like a milder case. Speedy recovery, hope it will pass quickly.
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    What are you currently reading?

    I used Storygraph first, so I'm used to it. I can imagine it's different the other way round. But it's good to have choice and not be forced to use one service, because nothing else exists.
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    What video games are you currently playing?

    @Nevetharine Skyrim isn't old. It's timeless :LOL:
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    Fail Forward

    @Froud it's not so bad, I still visit my equine work buddy every few weeks for a short ride :LOL: @Sif_Shepard ah, another night owl, I see. I had to shift my bedtime to 2 o'clock since I got an apprentice and can't open whenever I feel like any more. But, yep, 4 o'clock had been mine for a...
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    Never Give Up, Never Surrender

    Aww, that's one of the best things in existence. Makes me happy for you. That, and that you had a great birthday.
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    Author of a Thousand Fails

    Congrats on the good news!