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    game on/ noname/ log II

    Congrats on Power Punch!
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    Healthy alchemist after all those years?

    Congrats on the challenges and have fun with Fit December!
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    I can do it (again)

    Congrats on Power Punch!
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    Adventure is just around the corner

    Congrats on Power Punch!
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    Rantings, Ravings, and Ramblings

    Congrats on the challenges!
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    The tra1n1ng journal cont1nues

    Congrats on Power Punch!
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    Swashbuckling Under Neon Lights in a Grimdark Futuristic City with Tons of D20s

    Congrats on Power Punch, at least. I'd say I hope things will get better at school, but... I'll just wish you strength to deal with it instead.
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    In the Lion's den

    Congrats on Hero's Journey!
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Congrats on the stripe! :fireworks: It's incredible how much you can fit into your days, it's inspring! :confused:
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    The Wonderbunny Playbook

    Congrats on the Olympian!
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    Bring The Noise

    Congrats on Squat Hero!
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    Ten Forward

    Congrats on Hero's Journey!
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    Kanary that ate the cat

    Congrats on Power Punch and :vibes: for chemo!
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    Do you wanna dance! Shake it baby!

    Here, have some more healing vibes! :vibes: