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    Progress over perfection

    Stick with the rest days. The first time I did the ZR training, I did Mon, Wed and Fri, but I always noticed on Wednesday, Maxine would say something like "see you in two days' time", so the next time I did it, I did Mon,Wed and Sat and that seemed to work with what the programme said. :)
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    Goal + Action = Reality

    Programme: :v: Hard Reset - Strength Day 3 Challenges: :v: First Thing Water Day 8 :v: Daily Pushups Day 8 :v: Easy Core Day 8 :v: Easy Abs Day 8 :v: Calves of Steel Day 8 :x: 30 Days of Running Day 12 An easy day today. Had to buy a laptop (Microsoft Surface because I'm SO used to using a...
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    The Adventure Begins...

    Good idea to ditch apps that cause stress! I had one briefly but it just stressed me out by showing that most of my daily calories were consumed in the form of biscuits I had with my tea. So I cut the biscuits, then got stressed because it said I was only consuming about half of my daily...
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    Bardic Circle

    You can do it, @Laura Rainbow Dragon ! Are you a plotter or a pantser? I averaged 3,500 words, and I know a lot of it is rubbish words, but the story's still there. Just work on getting that story down, don't worry about making it pretty or perfect - do that on the edit. One YouTube video I...
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    Looking good, @GentleOx :cape:
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    At the break of dawn

    Nice pics.
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    Goal + Action = Reality

    Programme: :v: Hard Reset - Strength Day 2 Challenges: :v: First Thing Water Day 7 :v: Daily Pushups Day 7 :v: Easy Core Day 7 :v: Easy Abs Day 7 :v: Calves of Steel Day 7 :v: 30 Days of Running Day 11 :v: Hike. Just a gentle one today - looking for one to take my mum on. She walks a bit but...
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    Ah, I remember watching the Wall on the you-beaut set-up - you know, surround sound, big screen, the works - of a work colleague of my brother. My bro and I were so totally tanked and belted out the lyrics with gusto and (at least on my part) surprising tunefulness. He never invited us over...
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    Goal + Action = Reality

    Thanks @Montserrat @Nanna Io @Louve Rose @NancyTree @BetaCorvi @Froud @Fremen @Anek @mavie @Lady Celerity @CODawn @Silent Wolf I'd actually forgotten to add the badge! Easy enough to do now that they're not right in our faces! Programme: :v: Hard Reset - Strength Day 1. I'll be playing around...
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    Author of a Thousand Fails

    Healing vibes to you. :vibes:
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    Goal + Action = Reality

    @Anek I'm going with upside down parsnip, but if you want to be more exact... :LOL: @CODawn and @NancyTree Thanks. Programmes: :v: Foundation Day 30 Challenges: :v: First Thing Water Day 5 :v: Daily Pushups Day 5 :v: Easy Core Day 5 :v: Easy Abs Day 5 :v: Calves of Steel Day 5 :v: 30 Days of...
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    Do you wanna dance! Shake it baby!

    What, @Nanna Io ? Why, even I have done the Catacombs. :LOL:
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    Exercising towards a better tomorrow!

    I hate waiting for tradesmen! I recently had to wait for an electrician who was supposed to come between 8 and 1 (!) and he finally came at 2:30!! What a waste of my day.
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    Goal + Action = Reality

    Programmes: :v: Foundation Day 29 Challenges: :v: First Thing Water Day 4 :v: Daily Pushups Day 4 :v: Easy Core Day 4 :v: Easy Abs Day 4 :v: Calves of Steel Day 4 :v: 30 Days of Running Day 8 :x: XBX Chart 2, Level D+ (Day 2/4) Okay. Honestly, this was an experiment but doing the same...
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    Day One

    Well done on getting a new place! Have fun packing. :LOL: