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    ZEN - Early Release

    This looks amazing! Thanks team :happy:
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Holy smokes I didn't realize I was away from here since before the new year!! How has six months gone by that quickly?! :whaa: Firstly - thank you everyone for the congrats about the belt upgrade and the happy new year's as well!! You are so lovely and I hope this first half of 2023 has been...
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    January Releases

    These look fantastic! Thanks so much :LOL:
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Been insanely busy through the month of November with both jobs; winter gearing up here aka shoveling galore; my kiddo's school + extracurricular activities + therapies; my own jits training and various other appointments; AND I decided to just finish doing my upgrading - only English 12 left...
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Thanks! It's been a lot of fun!
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Oh my word @TopNotch this is an excellent description of what my body needs to be doing. That feels totally different to what I was trying to make my body do and weirdly cranking my knee in the process just a bit. So despite the on 'paper' aspect of it, it makes sense and I don't think I've...
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    Into The Wild

    Belated congrats on Back & Core :hop: Your indoor cycle distances are impressive :shock::yaz:
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    Haunted Hive 2022 Event

    Sounds awesome!!
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    17.10 (Mon) to 20.10.2022 (Thurs) [cont.] ~ I started as the assistant instructor for the self-defense classes at the club this week and I am INCREDIBLY excited about it! The focus for these classes is defending against different types of punches/kicks, protecting your neck against chokes...
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    17.10 (Mon) to 20.10.2022 (Thurs) Alright so, just gonna do a bulk update for the last few days. On Monday I played catch up for Sat and Sun in regards to the daily challenges and that put me back on track with them for the rest of the week/month. I picked up the Hard Reset programs between Mon...
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    Practical Self Defense Training/Practices

    Competitions are not a requirement, though you can learn a lot from doing them! As @Heniek said most belt ranking up in each discipline does require a test and typically with a higher ranked belt when you do it. I'm certainly late to this party a bit with my two cents, though slightly biased...
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    16.10.2022 (Sun) ~ I disappeared and opted to pause both programs + lifting, and literally any other form of tech entertainment, while I got the stone patio job done. I was too overwhelmed with the two jobs, 2 programs + weight lifting, BJJ training again three days a week and my kiddo starting...
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    ♡ The Long and Winding Road: A Daydream Believer Finding Nirvana ♡

    Glad you were able to get the meds you needed @LizardFriend95 and your pumpkins look absolutely incredible :delight:
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    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    26.09.2023 (Mon) ~ Stone Patio Work: 9am to just after 12pm Lifting (mostly) Chest [5 sets] bench press: 7, 7, 6, 6,5 reps w/ 105lbs [+4 rep overall increase] DB floor flys: 12 reps w/27.5lb DBs [2.5lb increase] upright rows: 8 reps w/27.5lb DBs [around 5ish lb increase - tough!] + bicep...