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  1. f1shtacular

    Christening this topic with the f1shtastic way to get through things.

    Hey guys. One, I love you. Two, I figured I'd pop in and give y'all something I keep in mind when I'm really low. You know what food I love? Ramen. Delicious ramen. We order it from a place in town sometimes at work. I swear, we should be paying more for it, the pork belly is tender, the broth...
  2. f1shtacular

    The tra1n1ng journal cont1nues

    Hi. I'm Fish. I want to become a swole anime waifu. Behold my progress. OH GOD WHAT DAY WAS I ON I THINK... 478? I'll go with that. [edit nope I was one day off] 479 - Chest and back light, walk and run day 22, 100 squat hold punches. Good thing - Sure it's not healthy but I made the best mac...