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  1. JohnStrong

    Suggestion: Display thread parent/location

    I click on the "What's new" tab frequently to explore the latest activity on the forum and access various threads that way. However when you enter any thread I don't see any on screen information that indicates which forum grouping the thread is located in. Is it possible to show that on screen...
  2. JohnStrong

    3 fun workouts Darebee inspired me to create

    I've been enjoying Darebee's fun-oriented workouts so much I got inspired to create a few of my own. Each workout draws from popular video games I've enjoyed - can you identify each one? 😀 I borrowed heavily from Darebee's extensive library of workout illustrations to create these. If you...
  3. JohnStrong

    WHY We Train

    I loved the message in this short video; training isn't just about moving your body and burning some calories. I think @Damer talks about this a lot in his posts. Training grows your body and mind, strengthens your spirit, and can offer a glimpse of what others could become if they so choose...
  4. JohnStrong

    Do you have a favourite Darebee paperback?

    I'm slowly getting through all the workouts in Pocket Workouts. I like the A5 size and the variety of routines it offers. I've also picked up the Hero's Journey paperback which I'm excited to start in the future.
  5. JohnStrong

    Program for new moms

    Given the prevalence of post-partum depression vs. the positive mental effects of physical activity - perhaps a light exercise program for new moms could be a good idea? I was pleased to see Darebee already has a few workouts tailored for moms. Something like Foundation Light, where it's easy...
  6. JohnStrong

    Stronger everyday

    ✔ Classic Warmup ✔ Scout workout (Level 1) ✔ Foundation (Day 8, Level 1) Day 1 of 9 complete (restarting challenge). Tough workout today, really blew out my expectations. I was like "eh, how about an easy one today".... ok, that wasn't an easy one, lol. Plank jacks were deceptively hard and...