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  1. Laura Rainbow Dragon

    Bardic Circle

    Calling all Bees of the Bardic persuasion: writers of prose, poetry, song and other forms of storytelling: here is a place to check in with your fellow Bardic Bees. Introduce yourself and let us know what you've got going on! Do you NaNo? Or Camp NaNo? Want to buddy up with fellow Bees on...
  2. Laura Rainbow Dragon

    Rainbow Dragon's Lair

    Welcome to my colourful corner of the Hive! I have in the past used this first post in my check-in thread to keep a dated list of all the DAREBEE programs, challenges, and special events I have completed, along with some personal challenges. But the new Hive software won't allow me to import...
  3. Laura Rainbow Dragon

    Yoga Team

    Calling all Yogi Bees! Here's our thread to discuss all things yoga. Introduce yourself to your fellow yogi bees, tell us about your practice, ask questions, share inspiration and links to interesting yoga channels and "challenges". I'll try to tag folks I know have an interest in yoga as I...