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  1. Kanary

    I Am Wrath filtering issue This workout shows up when I filter for Cardio, but it's marked Strength *and* it doesn't show up when I filter for workouts that call for a pull-up bar.
  2. Kanary

    Batch Cooking!

    Today, I'm setting up fruit-and-yogurt cups and a stew based loosely on my grandmother's goulash recipe for easy meals this week. Anyone else batch cooking? What are you making?
  3. Kanary

    Fighting Cancer

    Track your anti-cancer kicks, punches, or other combat moves here!
  4. Kanary

    Kanary that ate the cat

    Going back to my original training log title because I missed it. Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll write up and intro and some new goals, but maybe I won't! I'm a lifelong martial artist in my 40s. I'm also busy surviving cancer. Currently working on: Hard Reset Strength, doing at...