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  1. neilarey

    First Post!

    Ah, yes, we took it offline to run an update. Since the old Hive is inactive, it takes us much longer to get to it when we run maintenance. It should be back up now! I hope this helps :please:
  2. neilarey

    December Events

    Heads up! December is fast approaching which means.... December events at DAREBEE :excited: This year's events: December 1st: Fit December Program 2022 The program will become available on the 1st of December. You will be able to claim the badge right away or at any point throughout...
  3. neilarey

    High knees or jumping jacks?

    It should say 'high knees'. Thank you for letting us know about the error! It is now fixed :please:
  4. neilarey

    Monthly donations

    Hi @Brontus ! It's good to see you back here :happy: What @Andi64 said is correct, only the Hive's programming was completely replaced so your subscription was not affected :drink:
  5. neilarey

    Minor issue with the guides filter

    Thank you @Andi64 it is now fixed! :please:
  6. neilarey

    A mechanical heartbeat in the snowy forest

    No worries, I went ahead and assigned it for you @PetiteSheWolf :happy: Only the admins can do it now that the event is over.
  7. neilarey

    Spartan Challenge

    Thank you so much for letting us know @Fremen ! It is now fixed :please:
  8. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    This event is now finished. :bat::spider::ghost: Thank you so much everyone for participating!!! P.S. Don't forget to claim your badge!
  9. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    @Sif_Shepard yes, yes they do! :chicken: All types of jacks count.
  10. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    Just a quick reminder: DON'T FORGET TO CLAIM YOUR PARTICIPATION BADGE! You won't be able to claim it after October 31st.
  11. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    The 3rd WAVE IS HERE! :ghost:
  12. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    The BOSS of the 2nd wave has been defeated!!! Next wave is in 3 hrs! :reaper:
  13. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    The 2nd WAVE IS HERE!!!!! :jason:
  14. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    ...only 9106 hit points left for the first wave boss!
  15. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    @Damer has been correct! The Crystal Ball of True Seeing has spoken! Not only is this really a Big Bad Bat Boss here (and getting its bat butt kicked) but tomorrow a fresh wave of evil critters is arriving, ready to test our defenses. Not quite clearly seeing what just yet but just so you guys...
  16. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    Just here :happy:, we update the spreadsheet on our end (for you it's view only). I hope this helps!
  17. neilarey

    New Smilies

  18. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

  19. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    This event is officially open! :LOL: Defend the Hive and don't forget to claim your badge!
  20. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022 Event

    @Blangas hi, the event starts in about 30 minutes :LOL: