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  1. Whirly

    Kanary that ate the cat

    Mmmm... :taco:
  2. Whirly

    A mechanical heartbeat in the snowy forest

    Belated Congrats on 50 Days! :welcome:
  3. Whirly

    At the break of dawn

    Congrats on the Daily Walk Challenge! :welcome:
  4. Whirly

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Congrats on your new stripe! :welcome:
  5. Whirly

    The Wonderbunny Playbook

    :welcome: Congrats on Olympian! :welcome:
  6. Whirly

    In the Lion's den

    Congrats on completing Hero's Journey! :welcome:
  7. Whirly

    Ten Forward

    :welcome: Congrats on Hero's Journey and the Challenges! :welcome:
  8. Whirly

    Kanary that ate the cat

    Congrats on Power Punch! :welcome:
  9. Whirly


    Congrats on the Challenge! :welcome:
  10. Whirly

    Goal + Action = Reality

    I'm sorry about your Taekwondo club - I hope things improve so you can feel good about continuing with it.
  11. Whirly

    ♡ The Long and Winding Road: A Daydream Believer Finding Nirvana ♡

    Wishing your mom a speedy recovery! :vibes: Congrats on your 2 year Duolingo streak! :move:
  12. Whirly

    Into The Wild

    Belated Congrats on 200 Days! :welcome:
  13. Whirly

    Rantings, Ravings, and Ramblings

    I'm just now catching up on your thread... I'm so sorry that you had to say goodbye to Liam. That is such a terrible, heartbreaking situation. :hug: I'm happy to see your new kitties! They are adorable! :kittens:
  14. Whirly

    From Frustrated @ 51 to Fit @ 52...

    Just got caught up on your log... I'm sorry you've been having a rough time lately, and that Scott is having health issues. I hope you both have better days soon! Healing vibes for Scott and better headspace vibes for you! :vibes: :vibes: :vibes:
  15. Whirly

    Do you wanna dance! Shake it baby!

    Healing vibes! :vibes:
  16. Whirly

    Colin's fitness

    Good to see you in the new Hive! I hope your partner is feeling better and that you managed to avoid getting sick! :hi:
  17. Whirly

    N7 Training - Post Recovery Log

    Happy Belated Birthday! :bcake:
  18. Whirly

    Rainbow Dragon's Lair

    I'm only now catching up on your log from the past few weeks... I'm so sorry for your loss. I can tell from how you write about her that you and Trudy had a very special bond. She was lucky to have a human who was so devoted and loving throughout her whole life, but especially in her final days...
  19. Whirly

    Never Give Up, Never Surrender

    Congrats on The Olympian! :welcome:
  20. Whirly

    Whirly's Wanderings

    11/18/22 - Friday :v: 15 minute walk outside :v: Neck Mobility Workout 11/19/22 - Saturday :v: 35 minute walk outside :v: Neck Mobility Workout 11/20/22 - Sunday :v: 35 minute walk outside :v: Neck Mobility Workout 11/21/22 - Monday :v: 40 minute walk outside :v: HC: Incline push-ups...