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  1. mavie

    Rantings, Ravings, and Ramblings

    Congrats on the challenges :worried:
  2. mavie

    Adventure is just around the corner

    Congrats :worried:
  3. mavie

    An Unexpected Party

    Congrats :worried:
  4. mavie

    Behind the sky, on the other side of the rain

    Congrats on the challenges :worried:
  5. mavie

    At the break of dawn

    :hug: Good luck! …and as a little piece of advice: Talk to people, it helps a lot. Them and yourself.
  6. mavie

    The Wonderbunny Playbook

    Congrats on the challenges :welcome::worried:
  7. mavie

    Ten Forward

    Congrats on Hero's Journey:yas: :fireworks::yas:
  8. mavie


    …healing vibes for the remaining bit :vibes:
  9. mavie

    Progress over perfection

    Congrats :worried:
  10. mavie

    Bring The Noise

    Congrats :worried:
  11. mavie

    Kanary that ate the cat

    Congrats on Power Punch! :welcome: …and all the best and good luck with the treatment! :vibes:
  12. mavie

    Do you wanna dance! Shake it baby!

    …more healing vibes :vibes:
  13. mavie

    The Wonderbunny Playbook

    Congrats on Olympian! :welcome:
  14. mavie

    At the break of dawn

    Congrats on the challenge. :welcome:
  15. mavie

    In the Lion's den

    Congrats on Hero's journey! :yas::fireworks::yas:
  16. mavie

    December Events

  17. mavie

    The Journey Continues

    Truth is: Exactly the same way you got to your current situation. Excuses and postponing the moment to do something about it. Please take care of yourself and get some professional help with the withdrawal. The symptoms can be treated well but can become dangerous if not. I understand you are...
  18. mavie

    Never Give Up, Never Surrender

    Congrats :welcome:
  19. mavie

    From here onwards…

    :v: first thing push-ups - Day 15 :v: zero hero - Day 12, Level 3 …and i was busy sanding a table with iron feet which spent the past years in a garden and has a new indoor place soon. It's free of rust now. That was a bit of a workout, too. :makeway:
  20. mavie

    Ten Forward

    Multiple Congrats :dance::welcome::dance::welcome: