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  1. Nevetharine

    Lol! bored, wanting something "useful" to do.

    So the past few days I've been playing video games a lot. And now my brain suddenly wants to stop doing that and is telling me that it's a big waste of time and I'm essentially doing nothing to improve myself for hours every day. Funnily it also thinks that about reading. Unless it's an...
  2. Nevetharine

    To Forge an Ironmaiden...

    Yay! Shiny new hive! Since I've already updated my day on the old Hive, here's just the link to the thread with my novel. Chapter 1 has been uploaded today. I guess I'll continue updating both hives for a while until everyone is moved over?
  3. Nevetharine

    The Leap - A novel (New Chapters Weekly!)

    Hi everyone! So I've decided to upload my novel piece by piece each week for you guys to read. Three reasons for this, you guys can read it for free. You can give me feedback, as I'm still in the editing phase so I can improve the novel as we go. And maybe some of you who are avid scifi readers...