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  1. lofivelcro

    What are you doing when you're bored?

    Well, look who's making a thread on what to do when you're bored at half past one in the night on a Saturday night. Me, that's who's posting. Because I'm bored and I have nothing to do. We probably all have those times when we are bored out of our minds, or lazy, and our usual hobbies and...
  2. lofivelcro

    More posts per page/sub-forum links somewhere?

    In the old hive, I liked that the sub-forums were all organised in a neat bar on top of the forum itself when you were browsing one of the sub-forums. I miss that easy navigation between them. Did I miss that somewhere or is the only way to jump between, say, the Check-in forum and the...
  3. lofivelcro

    Fail Forward

    Eh, it's not "Let's get this show on the road" any more. I guess it already is, or something like this. On the road, I mean. So, new forum, new thread. Hopefully. When I started my last thread, sometime around July 2021, I think, I was home alone and needed a bit of company and accountability...