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  1. neilarey

    December Events

    Heads up! December is fast approaching which means.... December events at DAREBEE :excited: This year's events: December 1st: Fit December Program 2022 The program will become available on the 1st of December. You will be able to claim the badge right away or at any point throughout...
  2. neilarey

    Challenge Badges Now Available

    The badges for challenges are now available in the Hive! You can claim them in your profiles.
  3. neilarey

    Working on profiles

    We are currently working on the user profiles so you may see the layout being a bit off in the next few days. We are preparing for the badge integration and we had to make some space. We'll update you when we are done working there! :loveu:
  4. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022 Event

    The Haunted Hive community event will begin on October 28 (Friday) and will last until October 31st. This will be an annual event and we will run it every October for Halloween from this year onwards. Participants will be able to claim a unique permanent 'defender' badge during the event. :loveu:
  5. neilarey

    Haunted Hive 2022

    This event is now finished. It’s that time of the year when you really need to put all thoughts of productive work and social obligations to one side and rally round to defend the Hive this Halloween! The invaders are ruthless, numerous and well-organized and will come in three successive...
  6. neilarey

    Challenge Badges Sneak Peek

    This is just a sneak peek into what the challenges completed badges in the Hive will look like: We estimate it'll take ~ 2-3 weeks or so to create and implement all of them. It's a process but we'll get there :loveu:
  7. neilarey

    New Smilies

    New smilies added :heartz::kizz::bicepz::softz::cheekz::earz::ballz::flowerz::massage::peekz: :shakez::tearz::yellz::angryz::happys:
  8. neilarey

    Website Outages / October 2022

    We are currently having server overload issues due to high traffic from India (~60% up). We suspect we were mentioned on TV or radio a couple of days ago and our servers are struggling to cope. So far we only had one outage and it only lasted 2 minutes but we wanted to let you know all the same...
  9. neilarey

    Print A T-Shirt Page Re-Added

    The Print-A-T-Shirt page is back! Just like before, you can download our graphics and print them on anything you want: t-shirts, hoodies, mousepads, mugs etc. We tried to make it more convenient with Amazon Merch a few years ago but we didn't like...
  10. neilarey

    Snacks & Snack Ideas

    Do you snack between meals? What do you usually snack on? What's your favorite snack? Do you buy snacks or make your own? If you make your own, share your recipes :drink:
  11. neilarey

    Marathon & Half Marathon Programs

    These two running programs are now archived. Both are currently being reworked and updated based on the latest research, feedback and data we have received in the past 7 years. We are converting both to detailed programs - they won't be just an A4 anymore. Once we are done, they will be released...
  12. neilarey

    Challenges & Badges

    We are beginning housekeeping work in the challenges section of the DAREBEE website. This means that some challenges will get a makeover, some will be updated and some will be retired (I believe that has already happened). In related news - we have agreed how the system for the Challenges...
  13. neilarey

    Where do you get your news from?

    What's your preferred source of news? Do you watch/read news at all these days? How often do you check the news? What kind of news do you usually look for? Local, global, health or economics etc.
  14. neilarey

    Coffee Club

    Welcome to the DAREBEE Coffee club! :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee: How do you take your coffee? How many cups a day do you drink? What's your favorite coffee type? Photos of your coffee are welcome.
  15. neilarey

    How often do you eat?

    Most people eat 3 times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some eat twice a day, some even eat once a day. Then some people micromeal or snack throughout the day. How often do you eat? Do you snack? How often? What's your largest meal of the day? When do you usually eat?
  16. neilarey

    1964 Workouts

    We just checked and we currently have 1964 active workouts in the database. Another month and we will reach 2000 workouts! :fireworks:
  17. neilarey

    Do you grow your own food?

    Do you grow your own food? What do you grow? If possible, post pictures of your garden and/or your produce. It all counts, even if the only thing you grow is herbs :ambush:
  18. neilarey

    Do you cook? How often?

    Who cooks in your house? Do you cook? How often? Do you enjoy it?
  19. neilarey

    Do you use fitness trackers?

    Do you use any gadgets to track your fitness and/or your progress? Do you like it? How long have you been using it? Did it change anything in how you train?
  20. neilarey

    Protein Powders

    Do you use protein powders? What kind? How do you use them?