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  1. dontmindlosing

    Question about re-focus challenge.

    Hi Darebee team. The instructions for the re-focus challenge are to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Is the intention to do through the whole day? Through the whole work day? For a few designated hours each day? Thank you for your guidance.
  2. dontmindlosing

    Taking on the Challenge Challenge!

    Now that Darebee has reviewed its challenges and is planning on adding badges for them all, I figure it's a great time to take on the Challenge Challenge! (And start my first check in thread.) I downloaded all 128 current challenges. I checked them against the challenges I have already...
  3. dontmindlosing

    Challenge PDFs with broken links

    Full confession: When @neilarey announced that the challenges had been updated, I immediately went and grabbed the PDF of each one. I'm sorry for the excessive downloading. It will not prevent me from still visiting DAREBEE daily. Anyway, in doing so, I noticed broken links to 3 challenge PDFs...
  4. dontmindlosing

    Recipes and meal plans?

    Sorry if I missed the announcement. I was wondering what has happened to the meal plans and recipes.