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  1. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Been insanely busy through the month of November with both jobs; winter gearing up here aka shoveling galore; my kiddo's school + extracurricular activities + therapies; my own jits training and various other appointments; AND I decided to just finish doing my upgrading - only English 12 left...
  2. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Thanks! It's been a lot of fun!
  3. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    Oh my word @TopNotch this is an excellent description of what my body needs to be doing. That feels totally different to what I was trying to make my body do and weirdly cranking my knee in the process just a bit. So despite the on 'paper' aspect of it, it makes sense and I don't think I've...
  4. val.lavigne86

    Into The Wild

    Belated congrats on Back & Core :hop: Your indoor cycle distances are impressive :shock::yaz:
  5. val.lavigne86

    Haunted Hive 2022 Event

    Sounds awesome!!
  6. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    17.10 (Mon) to 20.10.2022 (Thurs) [cont.] ~ I started as the assistant instructor for the self-defense classes at the club this week and I am INCREDIBLY excited about it! The focus for these classes is defending against different types of punches/kicks, protecting your neck against chokes...
  7. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    17.10 (Mon) to 20.10.2022 (Thurs) Alright so, just gonna do a bulk update for the last few days. On Monday I played catch up for Sat and Sun in regards to the daily challenges and that put me back on track with them for the rest of the week/month. I picked up the Hard Reset programs between Mon...
  8. val.lavigne86

    Practical Self Defense Training/Practices (all advice welcome)

    Competitions are not a requirement, though you can learn a lot from doing them! As @Heniek said most belt ranking up in each discipline does require a test and typically with a higher ranked belt when you do it. I'm certainly late to this party a bit with my two cents, though slightly biased...
  9. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    16.10.2022 (Sun) ~ I disappeared and opted to pause both programs + lifting, and literally any other form of tech entertainment, while I got the stone patio job done. I was too overwhelmed with the two jobs, 2 programs + weight lifting, BJJ training again three days a week and my kiddo starting...
  10. val.lavigne86

    ♡ The Long and Winding Road: A Daydream Believer Finding Nirvana ♡

    Glad you were able to get the meds you needed @LizardFriend95 and your pumpkins look absolutely incredible :delight:
  11. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    26.09.2023 (Mon) ~ Stone Patio Work: 9am to just after 12pm Lifting (mostly) Chest [5 sets] bench press: 7, 7, 6, 6,5 reps w/ 105lbs [+4 rep overall increase] DB floor flys: 12 reps w/27.5lb DBs [2.5lb increase] upright rows: 8 reps w/27.5lb DBs [around 5ish lb increase - tough!] + bicep...
  12. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    25.09.2023 (Sun) ~ Brother got married this afternoon to a very lovely gal. I'm very glad that he's found someone that fits him so well! My kiddo (ASD + non-verbal) doesn't well with groups larger than 10 or a ton of noise so we hung out in the garden at the church for the ceremony. We did try...
  13. val.lavigne86

    Stronger everyday

    Nice work @JohnStrong !! Crushed it :yas: Pat on the back well earned!
  14. val.lavigne86

    Crossing the red line

    Happy, happy birthday @Redline !! Hope it's been/was an awesome sauce kinda day :birthday: :hop:
  15. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    24.09.2023 (Sat) Open Mat (11:30am to 12pm) ~ Sparred with two +200lb purple belts for four 5 minute rounds with 45 sec rest. Easily two of my favourite team mates to roll with because they don't go easy on me at all and give AMAZING instruction as well! I'm so close to snagging subs on the...
  16. val.lavigne86

    My People Folding Journey (mostly anyway!)

    23.09.2023 (Fri) ~ The afternoon imploded with some massive family drama and so I didn't go to class this evening like I'd planned as I was literally on and off phone calls for hours with one person after the other. While also attempting to finish up my errands before driving the 45 minutes...
  17. val.lavigne86

    Rantings, Ravings, and Ramblings

    Not a cake person myself, but that does look quite delicious!
  18. val.lavigne86

    Seri's Log

    Nice work on the 10k @Seri - especially after not doing one for some time - that is awesome :pose: Hopefully the soreness abates quickly!
  19. val.lavigne86

    Fail Forward

    Congrats on 8 years clean @lofivelcro :hop:that's absolutely incredible!