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  1. Sif_Shepard

    Profile check-in link bug?

    Whenever I click on the 'check-in thread' link on anyone's profile, it'll take me to that link but it also seems to sign me out (however I can just exit that tab and I'll still be signed in). Guessing it's a bug, haven't seen if it's been reported yet or not.
  2. Sif_Shepard

    Practical Self Defense Training/Practices (all advice welcome)

    Hi there bees! I know I could just google this, and probably will later, but I'm curious about self defense and combat training and I'd rather hear from you all. If you have any experience at all, have been to any classes, trained with a trainer, or anything in between, I want to hear about it...
  3. Sif_Shepard


    This thread had a special place in my heart and I wanted to see it moved to our new community forum so I decided to do it myself :) Feel free to hang out if you'd like!
  4. Sif_Shepard

    N7 Training - Post Recovery Log

    My original log I'm still enjoying my little rest break but I wanted to go ahead and start my new thread! I've been looking around the new community site a bit and it's different but I like it! Tomorrow looks like rain so another cancelled skating date :sadness: We'll get there soon though...