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  1. Heniek

    CBD bath bombs

    My daughter gave me CBD bath bomb, was a very nice bath soak, very relaxing. The scent was frankincense, lavender and orange.
  2. Heniek

    hard time getting in . . .

    Hard time getting into community, almost impossible.
  3. Heniek


    Mary Ann and I buy a dozen eggs almost every week. I did try the vegetarian JU ST egg once. I chopped some tomato and scrambled with two eggs, put in a small fry pan, the when almost set I heat (I used microwave, I have them stored frozen) a small tortilla and place on top, then flip over. Fold...
  4. Heniek

    Way of Swords

    I have a katana, a 1.5h Tai Chi sword and a tai chi sabre, each weigh about 2.5 lbs. My Tai Chi weapons have mostly just solo practice and not sharp so no cutting. My katana is not cutting sharp. When I did Aikido and Kenjutsu there was much partner practice but only hard wood bokken...
  5. Heniek

    Lean Beef Patty

    I've often bought them frozen burgers I think just for convenience, but nowadays the meat section will have lean beef patty's already formed. Today for lunch bought a package that has 2 patty's each said to give 30g protein (slightly a bit more). Had it on me organic whole grain bread, 2 slices...
  6. Heniek

    How I gained 24lbs in 3 - 4 months

    Nowadays I wouldn't do this, gaining weight then you have to maintain it. This is just something I did . . . Back in 2004 I did a plan of 9 compound exercise, a whole body routine. Each time I did this routine I added 5lb to me lifts with two 2.5 BB plates, no matter what. The first exercise...
  7. Heniek

    Lets Eat Chicken

    Roast Chicken Breast I buy split chicken breast with bone and skin, got a sheet of parchment paper and wrapped a way i saw on a cooking show so that there's an opening at the top but close together, my wife had the idea to staple it with 2 staples so it stays closed. baked in a caste iron fry...
  8. Heniek


    My Yoga teacher of 1973 took me to a Ram Dass talk in Toronto, back in the hippy days.
  9. Heniek

    Timed movement

    When we did calisthenic exercise at the start of our Tai Chi Chuan class movement wasn't counted like reps, each exercise was done for 10 mins. Like squatting side to side movement was with the breath and smooth so there was no rushing to finish. photo: in this movement you want to come up and...
  10. Heniek

    Mindful Eating

    I always like to sit at a table and eat mindfully, my wife Mary Ann who has been with meditation groups often will take her plate to check Facebook or emails or paperwork, even go in a room and watch a TV show on PVR. She knows about mindful eating and has watched a DVD on mindful cooking and...
  11. Heniek

    Reason You Should Eat Liver

    Growing up liver was a regular part of what we ate and also liverwurst, later as a young adult I bought liver often that was until we had kids and they wasn't gonna eat it and stopped buying it. I've always like liverwurst on bread as a snack and started buying liver now and then since the kids...
  12. Heniek

    The Tea Haus Most Saturday mornings we walk up to the downtown market and sit outside, listen to musicians and people watch, a bit chilly today so we went indoors. Upstairs is the Tea Haus and Mary Ann and I got teas. each served in drip style pots I never saw before. Your...
  13. Heniek

    Vegetarian eating

    I was 100% Vegan some years ago and still eat much the way I did back then. Often buy India ready meals, all natural curry type Vegetarian stews like Dal Tadka etc. some have cream and or ghee, they come in a boxed pouch. there's also pouched curry sauces with imitation lamb or chicken, it's...
  14. Heniek

    Television and Movies

    We have the very basic of TV so much viewing is on Netflix, snd in Canada is limited. My wife will PVR programs, some . . . New reboot of Quantum Leap, Survivor, Amazing Race Canada, Big Sky, The Conner's, Home Economics. Michael Tuesdays & Thursdays - 9/10 Netflix TV series. Really liked...
  15. Heniek

    Potato Recipes

    The first food I learnt to cook as a kid . . . Above is a plant base version, often an egg is added but not needed. I like this video coz she uses a grater which is my preferred method.
  16. Heniek

    Go Henry - Live, lift, learn and grow - Never quit

    My interests Classical Calisthenics, Tai Chi Chuan solo forms, TCC Sword and Sabre forms, Yoga and Weights/Machines. My training is mainly with dumbbells and calisthenics. Height 5' 8.6" and weight is 145lbs age 70. Weight lifting workouts about 4 days a week. My aprtment building has a...