60 Days of Walking - Early Release


Fae Posts: 11
@neilarey this is just the type of program i need. I have a question though. The walks are between 45-90 minutes, I am extremely overweight and i love the idea of the program and am doing my best within it. Mybissue is my back. Due to the way i carry my weight, predominantly in my waist, my back is struggling with the workouts. On bad days i can only do 30 or 45 minutes, but i will finish the workout later after my back stops flairing up. How bad is it that I break up the walk into larger chunks some days? I'm already starting to see some body decomposition so i know the increased movement and workouts over the last 40 odd days is working. I just want to make sure I'm still getting solid benefits even if i have to break it up a bit some days.