A mechanical heartbeat in the snowy forest


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Thank you @NancyTree and @CODawn , I had such a great evening! The adaptation was just great, with huge work done on scene and lighting, and great voices. It was fun seeing Nephew and Sweetie discover some songs, and also discover that some other songs that they had heard in other circumstances came from this "Rock opera". I think in English you know it as "Tycoon". It aged very, very well.

Friday I did meditation and

Saturday I still went to body-pump class :bigyes: and did meditation , and today did meditation and a short yoga session.
Today was also the first Sunday of Advent. At the church choir, we're in full swing preparing for the Christmas concert on Saturday 10th, very much looking forward to that too. May I wish a blessed season of advent for those who wish it, and a peaceful, fraternal end of year to those of other (or non-existent) faiths. Hugs to all bees!

Day 53 of consecutive exercise (D30 on 04/11).

And regarding this week:
  • Walking more than 5,000 steps or going to the gym 7 days out of 7, excellent
  • Meditation 6 days out of 7, good
  • Fish 2 times, good.
  • Fruits 7 times, good
  • Not-homemade meal twice this week, good
  • Reading before bed 6 evenings (I will let you guess which evening I did not, ROFLOL), good
  • Self-care habits 1 for 6 days our of 7, and habit 2 7 for 7 days, good.
  • three class at the gym, goal attained.


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Yesterday was meditation, and the WOD (don't have the name at hand anymore, it was a cardio workout III, done 5 reps)

Today I am in the office, so did meditation, but not yet daily workout, I am thinking of a good yoga windown once back home but I will put it.

Day 54 of consecutive exercise (D30 on 04/11) since I cannot yet count today.


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"Every world spins in pain. If there is any kind of supreme being... it is up to all of us to become his moral superior. Vetinari/Pratchett"
Belated Congratulations on 50 Days 💪:)