Do you grow your own food?


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I always wanted to grow my own produce. Both my grandparents had land and they grew their own food - fruit, vegetables, flowers even. I still remember what a real cucumber from a greenhouse tastes like. It takes like power :fist: well, it used to taste fresh and sweet. I struggle to find cucumbers that taste like that here. Sigh.

Alas, I live in an apartment so I can't grow very much. I do have two trees that produce a small crop: a pomegranate tree and a lemon tree.


I also have a herb garden and it's seriously out of control - I need to cut everything back and soon.

I grow basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano and mint!



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Wow, your pomegranate tree looks really nice!
I have a vegetable garden and I try to grow most of my vegetables. I currently have a cherry, a peach, an apple, two pear, and a plum trees, and next year we're going to plant a lot more! The trees are mostly still small, only the cherry and the plum trees are producing a good harvest. The apple does well too but this year the apples are really small, less than fist size, I should have removed more earlier.

Mostly I grow summer vegetables, so tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines, bell peppers, some beans, plus various cabbages for autumn. I'm trying to work the garden on permaculture principles, and that's also how I'll do the rest of the garden next year. A lot to learn but I love spending time with my plants.


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I get my eggs from my chickens, grapes from my vineyard, pecans and chestnuts from my orchard, as well as a few persimmons and pomegranates (LOVE ME SOME PINK POMS!) My herb garden yields peppermint, chamomile, and echinacea for teas, and basil, parsley, and oregano for seasonings. Redbuds and mimosas (flowering trees) are also used. In the spring thru fall, we've got all them "summer veggies", which we have dubbed "veggiefruits"... tomatoes, peppers, squashes, and gourds. I don't worry about root veggies or leafy greens here... Around here, there's always someone who owns a field... collards, turnips, sweet potatoes, corn, watermelon (also sold ridiculously cheap here due to how common it is)... not to mention cotton, which isn't edible, but still... a field... Got neighbors who grow blueberries, sell local honey, owns livestock... and chickens are more common than housepets. HAHAHA!


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I’ve have the sad tendency to kill every plant I touch :( but I’m thinking of trying again sometime, because the catnip I’ve been growing for my cat has been thriving! I’ll probably start with an herb garden.
Mint and oregano grow really well with little effort, and tomatoes can grow in just about any sad soil condition and is one of the easiest to be able to tell what's wrong when it's unhappy.


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I love gardening! I've got a very small backyard, but I do have a raised bed garden 4 ft. x 8 ft. This past year I did a couple types of tomatoes, Japanese Eggplant, some hot peppers, oregano, and a few types of basil. Then some random herbs in garden pots -- sage, bee-balm and chive. So, mostly herbs. The Eggplant I did on a whim to see how it would do here, and it did really well this year. I'm figuring out how I can add in more vegetables next year...
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We have an apple and an Asian pear tree and several blueberry bushes. Summer vegetables are tomatoes and zucchini. In pots I have mint, Chinese garlic chives and green onion. Recently I learned with a green onion, you can cut off the white end leaving the roots and stick them direct in dirt or water to grow. I want to try to grow ginger indoors.