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You and me both @jaket . I haven't even tried looking for my old logs. They'd probably only make me cry anyway.
Ya. But I liked seeing what I started with and what I was doing 4 years later. Crazy. I'm literally back to square one!! My advice to anyone is keep going. Even it's a little. Oh well but now I'll be a healthy 60 year old in 4 years! HAHA


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New post, who dis?
I see I have missed quite a bit.
New site looks great. I still have to read all the new bits. Looking forward to checking it all out.
I don't think I'll be able to get my old stuff back - old hive site says it's offline - but that's okay.
New beginnings and new chapters, right?

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I didn't realise the old hive was already offline - does that mean our old threads are no longer available, or are we able to access an archive somewhere?


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Ah, yes, we took it offline to run an update. Since the old Hive is inactive, it takes us much longer to get to it when we run maintenance. It should be back up now!
I hope this helps :please: