Flexibility and maintenance of strength


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Hello everyone!
First of all, I feel so happy being able to post in this community again after so much time! Even though I have to start from scratch, I reckon it was a necessary evil. Happy restarting!!!

Moving to my question now, I plan on working on the fields, for a month, helping my family and working out to the extent I normally do, will just make me unproductive, and also strength will be there from all the manual labor.

So I thought focusing on flexibility/agility and maybe some complementary strength coming indirectly, to maintain my progress.

I know there are exercises for this, it's just I cannot make them into a proper program. Can someone recommend me a routine I can do every day (if possible), to make me more flexible? I was thinking something like dynamic stretching or animal movements, because yoga seems a little bit easy and static (but maybe I got this all wrong...) I need this to be around 20-30' long



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@Kiceres welcome back to The Hive! Sounds like strength, indeed, won't be a problem so why not try Fighter's Stretching every day? It's a complex program that works many muscle groups at the same time. It will increase your flexibility and, with all the manual labor you will be doing, it should also increase your overall power. I hope this helps.