How many eggs a day can you eat?


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Is it unhealthy to eat 8 eggs a day?
There is nothing unhealthy about an egg. There is nothing unhealthy about 8 eggs

You can eat as many as you like

As a vegetarian, I have relied on eggs as primary food. I have eaten 4 to 12 per day for the past 30 years.

I had my arteries scanned recently and they are cleaner than the “normal” ones.

My friend eats 6 to 7 eggs (without yolk) daily. Is this good/bad?
I eat anywhere from 4-8 eggs a day but with the yolk. That eggs are connected to cholesterol and have a bad reputation but it is pretty simple. Our liver produces a large amount of cholesterol since we have it in every cell membrane. This is in the case when we don't consume foods which have natural cholesterol. Then the liver lowers the production as long as we keep eating e.g. eggs.

To blame eggs for anything health related would be very strange since it's one of the most nutritious and complete foods that we have. I would say that it's fine, and even with eating the yolks.

Ridiculous that we can buy so much processed shit products and eggs have a bad reputation. Look at all candy, fast food and sugary drinks which is OK in a moderate amount according to most people. But egg yolks is a big no-no... The world is a place driven by money and eggs are perhaps not profitable enough..

Don't bodybuilder/weight lifters eat a lot of them every day?

Before I searched "how many eggs can you eat a day" and I did not find anything clear.
Searching "eat 8 eggs a day" I found that.

Eating only albumen should be fine, of course as any other food you shouldn't exaggerate.
I am eating 3 eggs a day.
I am thinking about eating more not every day maybe, some day just 2 or even 0.
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