I ♥ the IRON.


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"I ♥ the IRON."
My training is mainly with dumbbells and calisthenics. Height 5' 8.6" and weight is 145lbs age 70.
Weight lifting workouts about 4 days a week. My aprtment building has a Fitness Centre, indoor pool, hot spa and dry suana.

I have been into advanced Tai Chi Chuan since Feb 1979, includes sword and sabre forms done right and left handed, I do my forms pretty much everyday in my apartment.

Nov 11th Bought a 650g tub of pure (pharmaceutical grade) Creatine Monohydrate, I haven't seen it available for a long time. I'm taking it in a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of wildflower honey. Twice a day for first two weeks.

Henry 2022 Nov 20th Fitness Room



I also go to the senior centre weight room where they have a leg press, smith machine for squats and bench with Olympic bar which is also good for deadlifts. I use the smith also for pull-ups.
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