Only 45-60 minutes per day


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Hi, all.

Long time user of the site, but only today registered.

I stopped training for almost two year, only doing some 15 minutes yoga in the morning.
Some medical issues ruined my fitness and general daily routine, plus I got early menopause, and then...

I've always been lean, but now I would like to regain my body shape, losing some weight around the waist, on my hips, thighs and buttocks and regaining the firmness of my own muscles.
The big problem is, apart from the 15 minutes of morning yoga, I just have 45 - max 60 minutes in the late evening, but not everyday.

I try to do the "exercise of the day" every day, plus to follow every "workout of the day" (not always, I admit), and only some months the "monthly challenge" (depends on the challenge, as I cannot strain my back and my knees).
I would like some specific workouts that can help me regain my shape and muscles, possibly by December.

I am vegetarian, I don't eat much and very often skip dinner due to lack of appetite (but I like - just some bit of - chocolate, which is not negotiable).

Which workout should be best for me?

Any help is really appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


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Thank you very much, to all of you, for your replies.

Unfortunately the hot weather began, so my training plans are slowed down.
But I'm doing my best and will continue so.

In the meantime, I downloaded all the recommended programs and began to read all (130+) guides (something suitable for me, being a bookworm...)