Print A T-Shirt Page Re-Added

The Print-A-T-Shirt page is back!

Just like before, you can download our graphics and print them on anything you want: t-shirts, hoodies, mousepads, mugs etc.

We tried to make it more convenient with Amazon Merch a few years ago but we didn't like the quality of the t-shirts Amazon offers for the price (even the base price we had it set to). You can get our logo printed on a t-shirt anywhere locally or online for a fraction of the price and the quality of it will be much better :happy:

We are hoping to add more graphics to the page eventually.


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Last year as a birthday present to myself, I had a Yeti bottle customized with the darebee logo (and made a darebee fund donation at the same time :ss:). I thought the grey color matched the website nicely. I use the bottle pretty much everyday for water/hydration, and of course, when I work out.

I haven't earned that many badges yet, but I was thinking if I ever make another custom cup or shirt, it would be neat to have the badges on the back side.