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@Laura Rainbow Dragon So sorry you had to say goodbye to Trudi. Our family had to say goodbye to a furry friend of ours a few months ago and it definitely took time to heal. Best wishes to you and your family during this time 💖

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Thank you @JohnStrong @SkorpionUK @Maly @Froud

October 23-29, 2022 Goals Check-In:

This was, unsurprisingly, another unproductive week on most fronts. I kept up my streaks but did not hit weekly volume targets for anything. I'm fine with this. It was a hard week. But I will forever be grateful that I got to spend the time with Trudy and care for her during her final days. It would have been nice to not also have to deal in the same week with my father coming down with Shingles and my mother putting a plastic cover over a baking dish and then putting said plastic-covered baking dish in the gas oven to bake and managing to not notice that the plastic had melted, boiled over the sides of the dish, spilled on the oven floor, burned, and filled our kitchen with noxious fumes. When it rains, it pours.

We still do not have use of our main oven now as I have not yet been able to get all of the burned-on plastic out of it yet. And I still have some clean-up work to do from Trudy's final days. And all of the end-of-year yard work I'd hoped to get done last week of course has not happened yet. And NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, and I am so not ready! But I am back in the saddle now and hopeful for a productive week ahead.


Daily Exercise: 920 days
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Daily Writing: 45 days

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Thank you @Sif_Shepard @BetaCorvi @WSMC1 @NancyTree @CODawn @PetiteSheWolf @Montserrat @JohnStrong

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support re: Trudy's passing. :heart: It's so hard to be without her now. Hard for my mind even to comprehend what it means that she is gone. But how lucky am I, to have been as blessed as I was to have Trudy in my life for as long as I did!

Because Trudy loved to hold hands with her friends, I made some clay casts of her paw print: one of her hand in mine, another of her hand in my mother's, and a smaller one of just Trudy's paw print for her friend Margaret.


The beginning of this past week was pretty unproductive for me, mostly for mental reasons. I had all of this space on my bedroom floor in which to practise yoga, but the reason I had that space made me too sad to actually use it. Similarly, I had the time and the freedom to leave the house every day to go out for a run, but the reason I had that freedom made me too sad to go out and do it. I managed to get it together by mid-week though, and pushed hard through the end of the week to hit most of my volume targets for the week.

October 30 - November 5, 2022 Goals Check-In:



GOBOT and GBOT were still messed up this week. (Mostly because I kept leaving my writing until the end of the day and then needed to stay up late to ensure I at least got something written.) I'll need to work on fixing this this week.


2 days @ :rstar: :rstar:
5 days @ :x:


3 days @ :rstar:
4 days @ :x:

Still no artwork, and I likely won't get much done for the remainder of the month either. I am behind on my wordcount for NaNoWriMo. (I wrote only 4252 words over the first five days of the month. Par for this time period is 8333 words.) So I have some catching up to do! And art is what's going to be sacrificed, yet again, I'm afraid. I'm not going to worry about that for now. Just concentrate on writing and have-to-dos for November, and bring art back to the table in December. So my targets remain:

  • minimum 5 hours / week moderate to intense physical activity
  • minimum 3 hours / week yoga asana practice or dance
  • minimum 20 km / week running
  • minimum 1 hour / week meditation
Work / Study:
  • minimum 10 hours / week writing
  • minimum 3 hours / week French language study
  • minimum 5 hours / week artwork (with the acknowledgement that I'll likely continue to miss the mark here for the next few weeks)
  • minimum 1 hour / week health & fitness

In other news: My father still has Shingles. But he seems to be doing okay. He's up and about and on medication. I finished cleaning out the oven after my mother's plastic mishap. Last night I baked a batch of black bean brownies, and the kitchen smelled like brownies afterward and not burnt plastic. Yeah! I also got my end-of-year yard work done on Friday. So things are calming down. And I managed to book bivalent Covid-19 boosters for my parents and myself all for November 15. It will be a relief to get those done, with Christmas approaching and the infection rate in these parts being as high as it is these days.


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Got up early this a.m. to see the eclipse. Maximum eclipse was at 5:59 AM for me. For once I could actually see the moon! (The last two times we had a lunar eclipse I had so much cloud cover I was not able to see anything at all.) The moon only looked vaguely reddish to my naked eye this morning, but my camera sure interpreted it as red! I've got fairly tall trees immediately west of me and was not able to get a shot of totality from my tripod. Slow shutter speed needed for the low light conditions + a handheld camera = soft focus. But it still looked pretty cool.




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I'm only now catching up on your log from the past few weeks... I'm so sorry for your loss. I can tell from how you write about her that you and Trudy had a very special bond. She was lucky to have a human who was so devoted and loving throughout her whole life, but especially in her final days. Sending hugs your way as you grieve her passing.



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Thank you @CODawn @Sif_Shepard @Froud @Fremen

@Froud your words are very true. I don't have any words for parting. But I do tell Trudy every day that I love her. I thank her for choosing me to be her person and tell her I am grateful for every day we have had together and for all the days we will still have together, no matter how many or how few. And I tell her that when she is not able to remain with me any longer I will miss her, but I will not be angry at her for leaving.

Trudy and I have only been together for seven and a half years. She is my second "foster failure" who was initially meant to be only a short-term foster I was promised would be for one month only. She was initially a Purple Leash foster, which meant she was to go back to her original human once said human got herself into a more stable living situation. But that person ended up surrendering Trudy to the rescue. Which meant she then had to be spayed (at seven years old) before she could be adopted out permanently. Due to the vets the rescue used cutting corners, Trudy almost died from the spay surgery. She fought to survive, however. Then she suffered complications (again due to incompetence on the part of those vets and their staff). She recovered from them too and was finally put up for adoption after she had been with me for five months. Being a golden, the rescue immediately received a slew of applications to adopt her. (Everyone wants the pretty dogs.) The lady who got her application in first did adopt Trudy, signing the paperwork and paying the adoption fee--the whole nine yards--and Trudy went to live with her. But she spent her entire time in that lady's house watching the front door, waiting for me to return for her. After six days of this the lady wrote to me saying, "I love this dog. But she is breaking my heart, because she obviously wants to be with you." And she gave Trudy back to me. (And paid the adoption fee for me to officially adopt her!)

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The girl who everyone wanted ^^ Trudy in 2015, after her spay surgery.
Im bawling OMG