The Bookmarks are back!

Good new everyone! :happy:

The bookmarks are back - you can now bookmark any workout, program, challenge or guide on the main website.

Note: all of the bookmarks are stored in your cookies (just like your progress tracking) so they are device specific. So, for example, if you bookmark something on your tablet, you can only see the bookmark on your tablet. The same goes for mobile and desktop.
Honeybee Posts: 13
Hi this is interesting. I noticed that yo may bookmark different lists but couldn't figure out the how? Can someone help with this thanks.
Go to the bottom of your selected workout, program, challenge, etc and you will find Add to Bookmarks
Click on that to Add, then on any screen you should see the 3 horizontal grey lines to expand the Menu, Bookmarks link are at the bottom. Select and that will take you to your bookmarks.


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