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Thurs, Dec 1, 2022

AM- woke up after 6:39am (PST) to gray sky and 21 (F)degrees feels like 13❄️☃️🥶😱. Boo was fussing in his bed in the night, so I get up to escort him downstairs to his water and the door. Canoe came along as well for a quick outside business excursion. We all went right back to bed and to sleep, thankfully.🥳
  • Golf ball rolling on hands/forearms✅
  • Wrist extension/flexion✅
  • LaCrosse ball roll UpperBody✅
  • Shoulder mobility w/pvc pipe✅
  • Fighting Cancer/Daily Kicks challenge, Day 1: 22 side kicks x3 sets✅
  • BaoDing balls: 22 reps both directions both hands✅
  • Foam-rolling back/lower body✅
  • ❌Yard Clean up/Canoe ball throwing…played a find the cheese game in the house, instead
  • Doggo walk: <1/2 mile✅…so Boo could manage in the snow
  • FitnessBlender ReBoot, 8 week program, Day 25: Bodyweight Total Body Strength Circuits with Balance Work, 45 mins✅
  • ❌Down Dog Yoga
  • Reading: 10 pages of Adolf Hitler, Vol 2, by John Toland✅
  • Quilting: x2 hours
  • Doggo walk: <1 mile✅. Poor Boo struggled to do just that much😰