The Things That Make Us Better


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Over the last few months we've been looking at many of the new areas of research that impact fitness, affect the body and the mind and what motivates us to get better. We've all known of course that fitness has strong mental components. We know that exercise is good for us that sensible eating and good nutrition are key to better health. Despite all that maintaining it all, remaining focused, progressing all the time is really hard. In my day job I have, over the last three years, been involved in a project that has me looking at the latest neuroscientific research and talking to people whose job it is to peer deep inside the human mind. What we know now about keeping on going can be boiled down to a few helpful suggestions that will affect motivation, results and progress. In listing them I have stripped all the science to keep things conversational but each one has deep neuroscientific reasons that explain why it works. Many of these suggestions you intuitively know and action yourselves and you know they are right, because they feel that way which is a clue in itself on how deeply ingrained they are in the way we function a mental and psychological level.

To get to the chase here are a few things you should do to help you find yourself, rekindle your motivation and maintain your fitness journey not just for abs and muscles (sure, those things work too) but for better quality of life now and in the future, better brain health and the feeling we get when we start to feel comfortable in our skin.

  1. Find your tribe. There are many people in The Hive, we all help each other regardless but some will resonate with you more than others for many different reasons. Find those you can connect with. Ask for help when you need to and don't be shy offering help and advice to others.
  2. Establish your goals. Make the journey realistic. Establish what you want to achieve, set goals and timelines. Discuss them and adjust them. Upgrade them and change them.
  3. Make yourself accountable. Document your journey. Your triumphs and your struggles. Your failings and your successes. Many others find inspiration in the journey of their fellow Bees.
  4. Feel the fun and the excitement that is the journey itself. Sure, nothing is ever easy. Life sometimes really sucks. Yet here we all are, alive still and doing things and no matter how hard it all is, it is still exciting that we can do it, it is still part of life, it is still an adventure in itself. Feel it. Share it. Revel in it.That's it.
These four tiny suggestions have the ability to transform everything.