What are you watchin?


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I love movies, particularly spooky ones and action flicks! :hoppy:

What about you?

I'm currently watching a movie called The Perfection which is bonkers by reputation. Also watching a martial arts series called Warrior which is simply excellent.
I last finished watching a flick called Malum which was 85 minutes I could've better spent on something else.

Please share what you've been watching, be it TV or Film, and perhaps what you'd like to watch.


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L.A. By Night, a Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition actual play webseries. I'm on season 4 right now, and I can tell you that Jason Carl hooks me up with his Game Mastering style.
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Also watching Warrior Season 3 and Suits Season 8. @GentleOx there is The Official Warrior podcast which I find has interesting behind the scenes discussions. I think it’s available on youtube if you cannot access the podcast.


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I'm currently re watching the cornetto trilogy (for the 60th time) which I personally think is the best trilogy ever made, second to Bale's Batman Trilogy.