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    Hbomb's Check-in Thread

    Hi. Not much has changed for me physically except that I haven't been working out. My weight is the same. With my 5yo in pre-k we are constantly battling some sickness, but so far nothing too serious. I am still dealing with Behcets, which basically just means that I have flares that come and...
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    Hbomb's Check-in Thread

    10/19/22: 1 mi outdoor run 12min I'm coming around I think. Everyone was taking turns being sick. Let's see if we can stay healthy for a minute. Hope ya'll are well.
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    Hbomb's Check-in Thread

    10/10/22: Weight: 164lbs EOD ❌ WOD❌ Yoga for Better Sleep ❌ Rosetta Stone 2 Spanish lessons ✅
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    From here onwards…

    It’s nice you got to go home. Here are some more healing vibes for you! :vibes:
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    Shed, Shred and Body Recomposition

    @Nightg0ddess what area do you live?
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    Hbomb's Check-in Thread

    10/6/22: Weight: 164lbs EOD w/ec ✅ WOD❌ October Challenge Daily Kicks Day 6 ✅ Hard Reset Strength Day 6 lvl 1 ✅ Yoga for Better Sleep ✅ Rosetta Stone 2 Spanish lessons ❌ Lost another friend today. That’s three in less than two months. I didn’t want to work out today. I don’t want to do...
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    Smooth Sailing

    Way to go!!
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    Already started, now let's continue

    You can do this!!
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    Steadfast as the Hills of Stone

    Mmmm cocoa….yes please! :teatime:
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    Let’s Go 2022/2023

    Welcome back. Good luck!
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    Hbomb's Check-in Thread

    10/5/22: Weight: 164lbs EOD ✅ WOD❌ October Challenge Daily Kicks Day 5 ✅ Hard Reset Strength Day 5 ✅ Yoga for Better Sleep ✅ Rosetta Stone 2 Spanish lessons ❌
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    Calico's Training Log

    Wow! That cake looks delicious!!! Happy birthday! 🎈
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    Goal + Action = Reality

    I love the row machine. I think it’s the constant repeated, fluid motion, and the sound the machine makes - almost sounds like ocean waves. I wish I had one at home. One day when I have more freedom away from my children I will enjoy spending time using the row machine at the gym. What was the...
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    The Other Side

    It’s really nice that you can be there for your daughter and granddaughter. But I bet you miss your pups, your routine, and your husband. When will you go home?