DAREBEE is all about gaining control over your own body and, consequently, your life. It’s about being able to do anything you set your mind to and daring to be the best version of yourself. Being a DAREBEE is also about making a difference, in your own life and the lives of others – everyone your actions can and will affect during your journey whether it’s your family and friends or strangers. Together, we make an impact.

As DAREBEES we all abide by a simple code: we do not judge and we help one another. We believe that every fitness journey is very much a mental one as well. Physical training builds character, it makes us stronger on the inside as well as out. It builds confidence to then go out into the world and make things happen.

Being a DAREBEE also means keeping an open mind. We believe that there are no absolute truths and there is no one true path to physical fitness. We explore and we constantly look for fresh ideas, new research and better ways to improve our physical abilities and then push further.

Being a DAREBEE also implies acceptance. We each and every one of us hold ourselves to an individual standard but never impose these standards upon others. We are all on the same journey but we all walk different paths. What someone else can do, is able to do at this point in time, does not set a bar for anyone else.

And lastly, but most importantly, being a DAREBEE means standing on equal ground no matter how fit or strong you are, how fast you can run or how much you can lift. Just like it doesn’t matter where you are from, your skin color, your religion or political views. In the DAREBEE space we are all equal and we help each other because it’s the right thing to do. A fitter and healthier world filled with confident and determined people who help one another because we are all human beings is the world we yearn to create, a world we want to live in. Any change, just like in fitness, starts small. And together we make a global impact.

That’s what it means to be a DAREBEE.