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    Progress over perfection

    Hey, today is another day and you're still awesome! (:
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    The Wonderbunny Playbook

    :vibes: for vertebrae
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    An Unexpected Party

    Hey you are still awesome! And congratulations to your wife, that's amazing! (:
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    Into The Wild

    Alright, so you've done A LOT! Absolutely inspiring, and congratulations. Not just on all your achievements but also on being really, really cool! (:
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    Do you wanna dance! Shake it baby!

    Have a wonderful trip to Paris! And remember, you are awesome! (:
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    Montserrat's Musings

    Hey, you're doing an amazing job! (:
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    Smooth Sailing

    @JCU @NancyTree @Silent Wolf @Fremen @Sif_Shepard - Thank you!! (: Progress The Hobbit challenge distance: 1,528.88 km Previous week's total distance: 142.73 km 11/6 Day 43 Take 20 Day 10 Caloric deficit: yes Reading: yes Foundation Light Lvl 1 Days 25-29 First Thing Push-ups Days 3 & 4...
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    At the break of dawn

    I had some catching up to do and this feed is some of the most inspiring things I've seen in a while. You are so persistent and it really motivates me to do a bit better as well. Thank you and keep it up! (:
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    Rantings, Ravings, and Ramblings

    I'm so sorry for your loss, the story absolutely broke my heart. I am absolutely convinced that Liam had the best possible life with you and your family. He's probably on some space moon watching over you and enjoying his cosmic snacks. Take care! :hug:
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    N7 Training - Post Recovery Log

    A belated Happy Birdthay! Hope you had the best day! (:
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    A berserker's ability score improvement

    Hope you did some dancing! (:
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    The Wonderbunny Playbook

    Had some catching up to do and you're still a rockstar! (:
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    An Unexpected Party

    You continue to impress me! (:
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    At the break of dawn

    Congratulations, you're on fire! (: