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    TRbrat: Rise from the ashes...

    Hey there! Great new thread. Good to see you getting started at the gym. :makeway:
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    Hey everyone! I just worked my way through an absolutely punishing back workout, and my lower body is still mush. Deadlifts: 180 x 3. My deadlifts have been pretty weak as of late. I may have to do a bit of a reset (ie change the rep range) to boost them again. Romanian Deadlifts: 120 x 6...
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    @TopNotch Indeed, the good old days. When kids listened to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd among other things, haha. @JCU Thank you, and thank you for sharing. @OJJJEM I understand. My mom has always been loving and accepting. Hey Bees! Today was the dreaded W4D3 of the Stronger By Science/Sheiko...
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    Back to Square One

    I love David Sylvian! Glad to see that Hobbs had an episode on him. Good luck with the projects.
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    1 Year of Regular Exercise (Re-do)

    I love your long and consistent fitness journey! May you heal quickly and be back at it again!
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    @PetiteSheWolf Thank you! Indeed, the ad itself made no mention of being a native Chinese speaker (I'm conversational, at best), so I assumed that my language skills were sufficient. Like you said, good chance to practice interviewing. Today is Leg Day! Ow. Squats: 120 x 5. My squatting felt...
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    Spirit of the Age

    It's your birthday? So it is! Happy Birthday! :LOL:
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    Hey Bees! I'm quite tired, but satisfied nonetheless. Today is W4D2 of my bench program, leading up to the final day on Friday. Bench Press: 127.5 x 2. Today the sets built up to this weight and then dropped down again. I'm sensing that this lighter weight is just a lead up to Friday, which...
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    Assassin in training... all over...

    Hope you feel better soon! :night:
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    Hi again Bees! It's a rainy Monday in Hong Kong and a strange start to the week. Today is W4D1 (the final week) of my bench program, and I'm eager to see if it'll bear fruit. Bench Press: 127.5 x 2. Zzzzz... not too sure why the weight is so "light". Perhaps to allow for more rest and...
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    The Journey Continues

    I'm sorry to hear about your relapse. Withdrawals are an absolute nightmare to go through. I've gone to work and sat through lectures while going through withdrawal and they were absolutely punishing. If you can at all, take it easy, rest up, and drink lots of liquids with electrolytes. Exercise...
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    The tra1n1ng journal cont1nues

    Well done at the craft fair! Not only did you do a good job, but hopefully you had fun :welcome:
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    Hello again! It's Sunday, which is now my new Back day. Deadlift: 180 x 3. Arrrghh. Felt so heavy this time... I guess there's always next time to look forward to. Romanian Deadlifts: 115 x 6. Barbell Rows: 107.5 x 6. Machine Lat Pulldowns: 70 x 6. Pullups: 20 in total. Curiously, back...
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    Rantings, Ravings, and Ramblings

    It's a winter wonderland! Simply amazing.
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    A Journey of Strength and Spirit

    @TopNotch Hong Kong is known for having a variety of cuisines, which explains why you can find quality Western food. I think HP sauce is quite tasty, personally. Also, unrelated, I could kill for an American cheeseburger right now. The real, inexpensive, In-N-Out or Arby's (do they have...