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    What music do you like to listen to (when you're working out)?

    I definitely think it helps. Mindset is important, especially when dealing with tough workouts.
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    (Game) Have you made this dish?

    Yes I have! I made one no later than yesterday, actually. :LOL: I like making quiches because they're easy to share, you get a decent meal out of them, and my kids also like them. I usually make mine with vegetables (such as courgettes and onions), tofu and/or smoked trout or salmon. Right...
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    One of the first songs I learned (or rather, tried to play more or less properly) when I took guitar classes back when I was a teen. Yes, it is hard. But a great way to make progress. ;)
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    Are you working on a specific Metallica song? :excited:
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    Nell's Notes to Self

    No problem, I've moved it for you. Enjoy your new home! ;)
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    What music do you like to listen to (when you're working out)?

    ...aaaand I'll start. Not to beat around the bush too long, I'm a big fan of metal. My tastes have somewhat evolved with time, and it's not the only music I listen to (I also really enjoy "classic" songs with lyrical qualities, stuff by Leonard Cohen and quite a lot of French bands or singers...
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    What music do you like to listen to (when you're working out)?

    This thread is where you can tell us all about the tunes that touch you to the core, whether you listen to them while training and sweating, or simply while relaxing on your sofa with your feet on the coffee table. Feel free to include links, of course! :LOL:
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    Overweight, where do i start?

    Hello @gemsnoob , and welcome to the community! Patience and a step-by-step approach are key. You will lose weight if you burn more calories than what you take in. But right now, just try to make training (and moving around in general) a regular habit. Avoiding sugary foods is also a good way...
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    Make a "Games" forum

    In the meantime, it's perfectly fine to use the chat section for games. Feel free to start whatever tickles your fancy, @Fitato ! :LOL:
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    Don't hesitate to add whatever extra cushioning you can get under your arms when doing side bridges. They'll hurt less and be just as effective, or even more.
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    Nell's Notes to Self

    Hello @Nelliel,:hello: Are you sure this isn't something that belongs in the "check-in" section? We can move it there for you if you wish so.:)
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    Keeping Myself Honest

    I always tell myself that when I don't feel like working out for whatever reason, then going easy is always an option. It's much better than doing nothing anyway. So, I decide to focus on an easier exercise, or use lighter weights. 9 times out of 10, once I'm past the warmup stage, I usually...
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    Ten Forward

    That's an impressive lot of workouts. :worship: