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    • tdpoet
      tdpoet reacted to Damer's post in the thread Stronger Together! with Like Like.
      "Stronger together" is what Caesar (the ape, not the man) said in the sci-fi classic "War For The Planet of the Apes" (and I am...
    • tdpoet
      tdpoet reacted to neilarey's post in the thread Haunted Hive 2023 with Like Like.
      This event is now over! Defend The Hive! The invaders are ruthless, numerous and well-organized and will come in three successive...
    • tdpoet
      tdpoet reacted to Nevetharine's post in the thread An observation... with Like Like.
      Mental Health and Nutritional Info overload: This isn't a question, more of a personal observation that may help others. I've been...
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