5K Training almost complete - what’s next in running?

Mary Stovall

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I’m very, very happy with how the Darebee 5K training has gone. It’s the first time I have run consistently in years.

One extra benefit has been my ability to stick the program and not ‘skip ahead’ and keep on running longer, or skip the 1-2 min breaks.

The ‘silent’ victory is I’ve been averaging a 12 minute mile for a couple of weeks, even running outside with plenty of hills.

This is a total win for me, and I’m thrilled when I think of my high school track coachwho was consistently disappointed because I didn’t run a 12 minute mile.

Thank-you for creating this program.

And, what should I do next to keep running, at an enjoyable pace and distance?


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Hey @Mary Stovall, congratulations at your running achievements, staying consistent with it is a great thing.
My first idea for you was to repeat the last two or three weeks of the program a few times as a guideline and "playing" with time and speed. Enjoying the run without given numbers.
Have Fun!