AC joint injury 🤕


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Hi everyone, I used to workout a lot. But I had a shoulder injury that halted my progression. I have been to several professionals and orthos but none could help. I am sure I have an ac joint injury. But it was not detected in an MRI or in an X-ray. If anyone could help, I would truly appreciate it.
I am also attaching a picture of my shoulder for reference


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Hi! The AC joint injury is easy to detect as it is subcutaneous. In french we call it the "piano-key sign" as it tends to elevate a bit the clavicule. I would be very surprised if none of the doctors you went to had missed it.
Also, it can't be diagnosed from a picture, much less of only your injured shoulder... Aspect alone isn't how it's done. One need to compare with the other side, see how you move, and perform a few clinical tests to know what's going on.
If you have pain or shoulder movements problems I advice you to go to see a physio, she or he would be able to help a lot more than what we can achieve over the internet upon those matters :ss:
Good luck with you diagnosis and :vibes:for pain!