Alternative to medical sports equipment (sports rehabilitation)


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Hello. For some time I underwent sports rehabilitation on special simulators (there were back pains).

Tell me, please, what exercises can relatively replace these simulators, but so that they are safe? What weight-bearing exercises can be used for the back, lower back, lateral muscles, abs? I find it dangerous to do the basic exercises. But how else to add weight to the exercises, if you don’t do the basic ones, I don’t know.

In my case, pain prevention is an adequate sport with an optimal load. In addition to the simulators, there were stations with exercises and with their own weight, especially for the press, lateral muscles, lower back, buttocks.

I will definitely continue them, but the simulators are not just with weight, which means that exercises with weight are needed. But what...

I am attaching pictures of the simulators themselves with a brief description and pictures of the muscles they affect.

There were 4 simulators with biofeedback.

026cc924b78aa500f96f61df5944acf5.jpgMobilizes the lumbar/thoracic spine. Combines two simulators in one - for flexion and extension.1.jpg


Mobilizes the lumbar/thoracic spine by activating the muscles involved in flexion and extension of the spine in the frontal plane. Detects and corrects muscle asymmetries.

6b075c7b32357f915db4e05e9eaf2076.jpgDirects the load on the muscles of the lumbar and thoracic spine, activating the rotational muscles.dcd0d5fce438535d9533c8aa994b6ba9.jpg

9a4fc6062d9ed68b2a6f75c59efc9961.jpgMobilizes the cervical spine by activating the muscles involved in flexion and extension of the neck in the sagittal and frontal planes. Detects and corrects muscle asymmetries.

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I over did something and got a bad double sciatica, now have a sore sacroiliac joint area. I'm back into my Tai Chi Chuan forms which include 2.5lb sword and sabre done right hand then mirrored with my left hand. I've been doing Tai Chi Chuan since 1979 so my style has advanced, the forms give me correct movement and can do slow as to be aware of the area and if I'm restricted. I also have many years in advance Yoga practice so I can explore what I can do.

With weights I'm going to use 5lb dumbbells but not just movement but tensing and muscle control. Like if I'm doing an alternating bicep curl, as the right arm comes up I'll grip tight and flex the bicep muscles involved, the other arm I'll also grip tight and tense the tricep. I'll do my weights in this way, my restriction is in backward bending, forward is fine and also squat all the way down till butt touches heels (holding DB out in front).
Whoa, sabers! When I read your answer, I thought it was so dangerous. But if you do it for a long time, slowly and control the movements, then it's probably great!

I did not quite understand about the forward and backward bends, what you wrote at the end of the answer. Do you make them?