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Understand that Darebee is unable to maintain the diet / recipes due to lack of money and resources. However, would it be possible to allow access to content already created? Perhaps do a fee for access ensuring server space is funded by those that value these resources? I already pay a yearly “dues” to Darebee, as I love this site. I would be happy to pay extra for recipe/meal plans/vegan resources/spices archive access. Not asking for new content, just access to the old library. Thank you for your consideration.


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I would agree with "beach-in-life"! There could be different ways to allow access. Donate x amount of dollars and get access to recipes or donate and receive a PDF recipe book of archived recipes. Oh, or a PDF of the month to encourage monthly donation. My husband and I love this website and donate periodically throughout the year. I would love to get the recipe access back.


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Hi! The problem is that we can't support the materials - as in, we can't update or give guidance for them. That's why we can't have them just being there, getting outdated. We used to run the sections alongside the latest research in the world of nutrition and adjust accordingly. To give you an idea, years ago we used to recommend for you to snack on ham and sausages for protein. Now we know that these are carcinogens. In a few months some of the information we provided in the sections will be outdated and require re-evaluation. It's quite literally old information already.

We can upload all the files we have for you to download if you want, we don't mind that. Or you can use the web archives to access an older version of the website for quick access for the time being. It's the best we can do with clear conscience.

I hope this makes sense and helps.