Bring back "7-Day Plant-Based Mealplan"


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@SkorpionUK hi,
oh no - it was a great mealplan - I used it several times myself (big fan). Unfortunately, we have retired all of our mealplans and recipes recently. You can read more about it here. In a nutshell, we no longer offer nutritional information at DAREBEE. We can still post and discuss things here in the forums though.

I am sorry I could not bring happier news.


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@neilarey ah ok! Thanks for the reply, and I understand.
I really just wanted to re-check quantities: I had noted down the ingredients in my own database, but just linked to the recipes from there. Is there any chance of getting hold of the content that was there, as PDF or something?

And as more of a general suggestion - with the understanding that the information will not be updated going forward - would it be possible to have an archive of the old info? With disclaimers as necessary, but the info was always solid and a great basis for finding your own way. It feels like a shame to lose it altogether.

Like with that plant-based mealplan - it said very clearly that it was only intended for one week and that longer-term, it would need to be adapted to add more variety, and I've used it as a foundation since Dec. 2020. That's what I call a solid plan, hehe!