Fitness - How to gain weight


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I know how I would but know nothing about you, diet and diet restrictions or training methods. Do you drink milk ? if so drink lots everyday. I drank 5 cups of 3.25% milk everyday and in 4 months gained 24lbs plus each time I did a full body workout with weights I would add more weight 5lbs to my lifts each session. So if I was doing a barbell squat for 20 reps with 100lbs then next time add two 2.5 BB plates and so on, I went from 100 to 230lbs in that time.
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Some advice that is random and kind of unorthodox...

Try to avoid drinking large amounts of liquids before a meal this can help keep your stomach a bit emptier if feeling full is one of your problems. Drinking before a meal, no matter what it is, is filling you up so you feel full.