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Hey everyone!

Lately I have been going to the gym, and I wanted to know if anyone knows a good resource for gym workouts. I know that must sound silly to ask here, but darebee is mostly a resource for workouts to do at home, which is cool and all, but the gym's got all these machines that I am basically paying to use and most things use bodyweight here.

What I had been doing is checking out programs like Ironborn and stuff and look at each exercise and try to find a counterpart where I use a machine (or just end up using a dumbbell if none are available). What I basically want is something like Darebee really, but gym workouts. There's all kinds of machines and I just want a big list of exercises so I can pick and choose which ones I can/want to do especially on the days the gyms rather full.


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@Scohui That sounds like something I would like to have too! I have always just tried to adapt Darebee workouts to gym equipment on my own and always end up just creating my workouts, but if you find some like Darebee for gym let me know too!