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So, I know I'm a few years behind this hot topic in the TTRPG world, but it's a solo to co-op to GM'd fantasy game set in a sort of Northlands. The core rules and a lot of resources are available for free here. And you can buy it in hardcover and get a pretty good number of other resources in print or PDF on Drivethrurpg or at

So why bring it up here? Well, like it or not, as a group we're fairly nerdy. I mean, we've got 8 RPG fitness programs plus innumerable workouts that are RPG (TTRPG and Video RPG adjacent).

And the game is now under a CC license. Which means stitching something together that allows you to fill in progress tracks on a vow, journey or conflict using your Darebee programs would actually be allowed now.

Also, it's a lot of fun, so check it out.