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Hi everyone!
This is my first time here, and since english in not my main language, I want to apologize if I make some mistakes.
Here is my problem: I'm facing problems with my right clavicle, when I raise my right arm abobe my head, the clavicle basically pops up from its place, and this makes my clavice rub againt my sternum, and in the long run the result is osteoarthritis, because basically my cartilage wears out. . I visited an orthopedic and he said that this problem was caused by a trauma, so it's not workout realted, he also told me that if I want to continue working out, I should avoid those exercises that give me problems (in fact I stopped doing front raises, overhead press and lying tricep extension). Now here is the question I wanted to ask you, since I'm aving problems the the lat pulldown too, how can I substitute it? These are the exercises I'm currently doing in my back day: barbell row, low pulley, T-Bar row and of course the lat pulldown. I now the lat pulldown is a very good exercise so I don't want to delete it form my workout, I'm kust looking for alternatives.

Thank you!!


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Im sorry to hear that - sounds painful! Have you tried doing inverted rows instead? They are like pullups, but you keep your body horizontal, almost like a reverse pushup.