Looking for seated HIIT, while my foot heals.


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Hi, I hurt my foot and it will take several months to heal. I've been looking on Darebee for some HIIT routines I can do while sitting down. I found a few, but they are limited to upper body or wheelchairs. I can actually move my legs while sitting in a chair -I just can't walk very well. Almost all the seated charts (for office, etc) are not HIIT. I wonder if I could just convert regular routines into a HIIT routine? Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Or how to examine whether an exercise really shouldn't be converted to HIIT. Thanks!


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It is more difficult to transform weight exercises into HIIT, for other workouts it is simpler just replace the number of repetitions with a tempo and go all out, the real difference is that.
Even an all-out cardio workout becomes HIIT :)


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I suggest choosing low-impact exercises that can be done while sitting in a chair.
Perform each exercise in short bursts of 30-60 seconds, followed by a brief rest period of 15-30 seconds.

This would be a good seated HIIT routine:
  • Leg raises: 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest
  • Knee bends: 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest
  • Arm circles: 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest
  • Repeat the circuit 3-5 times
It's important to listen to your body and avoid any exercises that cause pain or put too much stress on your injured foot.