Parathyroid hormone/calcium deficit lead to bone loss.


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Hi Everyone. I need help developing a program. I firmly believe the body responds to the stresses we put on it. I'm hoping Darebee can put together a bone density workout.

I had a parathyroid adenoma which caused too much PTH hormone in my blood which made me leech calcium from my bones leading to extreme osteoporosis. My endrocrinologist wants me to take a medication to rebuild bone but the side effects are exactly like the condition I was just freed from.

I'm 60, super fit and active. I can do handstands, martial arts falls, etc. I don't feel like I have weak bones but the dexi-scan doesn't lie. I'm adding weights to my fitness routine, and yes, I know I should get a physical therapist (Kaiser won't pay for one). I want to build back my hips, sacrum, and in particular my forearms (which are most effected by this condition).

Anyone with expertise in this condition, I would love a set of exercises to do everyday to gradually build density. I figure hitting mitts, jumping up and down, it's all gotta help...And I'm taking calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D supplements. I do eat lots of greens, etc. A varied diet heavy on plants. Any thoughts?